If you have a male puppy, you should plan on having him neutered soon. This simple procedure removes the testes to render your dog infertile. It is the best choice for most pet dogs for the following reasons:

1. It keeps your dog from marking in your home.

Male dogs like to mark their territory with urine. Your home will be your dog's territory, and as such, he will likely have the instinct to mark it with his urine. Nobody wants a urine-soaked home or furniture with pee stains on them. Neutering your dog before his testosterone levels grow too high will keep him from developing this behavior, which will allow your home to stay cleaner and more sanitary.

2. It will lower aggression levels.

Male dogs can become aggressive once they reach maturity and their testosterone levels climb. This is even true, to some degree, of dogs who belong to calmer, quieter breeds like golden retrievers and labs. Neutering removes the testicles (which produce testosterone), so your male dog will stay a lot calmer and less aggressive as he grows older.

3. It will decrease your dog's risk of injuries.

One consequence of the aggression from intact male dogs is that they become more prone to injuries. Your dog may pick a fight with another dog at the dog park or while taking a walk, resulting in a bite. He may also lash out at a human, who might injure him in an act of self-defense. It can be simply safer for everyone if you neuter your dog.

4. You won't have to worry about encounters with female dogs.

Chances are, your dog is going to be in situations with other dogs from time to time. You may want to bring him to the dog park or friends' homes. If he is not neutered, you will always have to worry about whether there will be intact female dogs there. You don't want him to breed them accidentally. With him neutered, you can take him with you and not worry as much about letting him meet the female dogs.

Neutering is a simple procedure. Your dog will be given anesthesia beforehand and pain relievers afterward to keep them comfortable. To learn more, talk to services such as Animal House Veterinary Hospital that provide declawing and neutering services. They can schedule the procedure to make sure your male puppy gets the attention he needs.