When an animal joins your family, you want to do everything in your power to keep him or her safe. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses still happen even in the safest environments. Seizures, fractures, and burns are not uncommon in pets.

First-aid skills can help prevent an emergency from becoming much worse. If your pet would benefit from first-aid, these are some steps you should take in three important situations.

What to Do During a Seizure

If your pet experiences a seizure, the best thing you can do is ensure that your pet is away from any objects that could hurt him or her. Don't restrain your pet, but do make sure that children and furniture are out of reach. Seizures can last several minutes, and you should do your best to warm your pet afterward.

Contact the veterinarian or an animal hospital as quickly as possible if you think your pet is having a seizure, and always bring your pet to the animal hospital as quickly as possible after the event to prevent health complications.

What to Do After a Bone Fracture

A fracture can be difficult to diagnose if you are not a veterinarian. Keep your pet safe and still as you bring him or her to the veterinarian. You may need to use a big blanket to keep him or her still. Immobilizing your pet will make it easier for him or her to stay safe during transport to the vet.

Even if your pet seems able to walk, you should call your local vet or animal hospital for guidance. Some fractures can be treated with a cast, but others may need pain medication.

What to Do If Your Pet Is Burned

If your pet is burned, your next steps should be to ensure your pet cannot cause harm. This might involve putting a muzzle on your pet or wrapping your pet in a blanket and wrapping him or her tightly. 

Leave the burned part of your pet available so that you can flush it with water and apply a cool compress. The animal hospital will make a recommendation about when to bring your pet in or what additional steps you can take for your pet's pain and infection prevention.

The Animal Hospital Can Help

Your local animal hospital will also provide a lot of help in treating pets after an emergency. If you think your pet is experiencing an emergency, you need to contact your local animal hospital as quickly as possible. The hospital can provide quick care to help your pet recover.

Contact a facility like Animal Emergency Clinic to learn more.